Why paperwork is a known devil which is unavoidable?

Nirmal Rewaria

“Getting paperwork under control makes me feel more in control of my life generally”. – GRETHEN RUPIN

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, paperwork is considered to be a known devil which is unavoidable because of the stress and hassle it demands. Despite a known devil its importance for an individual or a firm cannot be denied. The lack of records or paperwork has led to the downfall of many well settled and established individuals and firms. The importance of record keeping should be well understood before considering it a matter of stress or hassle.

In order to manage the day to day finance and secure future transactions, you have to take a step towards keeping complete paperwork for every important deed.

Importance of paper work for you as an individual:

1.    Records are useful for the calculation of past, present and future transactions
2.    The documents are the proof of every single transaction you make whether it is saving money in a bank, paying instalments, inheriting property, buying or selling your assets
3.    Records are essential for the reference if required for your wealth and assets in the form of investment, savings, insurance, purchases, loans or even the debts you owe as a credit card user
4.    Paperwork acts as a tool for not only every saving or investment but also helps in planning budgets for future
5.    Records help in calling for compensation in the form of Insurance in case of any undesirable event like theft, natural disaster or damage
6.    Maintaining proper documents exhibiting money inflow and outflow, helps to decide and calculate the income tax results without any hassle at the last moment of filing

Record keeping seems to be mundane task but in fact it is an unavoidable paperwork which is actually not a devil but a saviour when its importance is learnt and well understood. It is said to be a reward for all your loved ones as it secures all that you have. Overlooking the importance of paperwork can land you in trouble.

To make your life easy please start looking for mobile apps which allow you to digitized your documents. By using these apps you can access your documents anytime and from anywhere, even you can download and share with anyone.  

Be a part of modern society by digitising your documents and feel relaxed.  But peace of mind shall only come when you appoint professionals who shall ensure on the day when lights go out to make your family aware what have you stored for them and how to access them.