Rising interest rates & volatile stocks: Asset allocation to hold key in perfect storm

After , the banker to the nation raised interest rates on bank fixed deposits, other banks are expected to follow. While the interest rates are expected to go up, investors . Experts ask them to stick to their asset allocation strategy and do not rush into selling off their investments or even going overboard with stock purchases.

If you are contemplating an investment in equity mutual funds and wondering if you should go for . The experts point out that large caps are relatively attractively valued as compared with the mid-caps. Though the mid-caps are expected to deliver better returns, large caps stand to weather the storm better.

As we move towards the last fortnight of the financial year FY2017-2018, it is time to look at the pending works. If you have not filed your income tax returns for the previous year yet, do it now. .

If you have missed investing in tax saving funds or ELSS earlier this financial year, and you are looking to invest in tax saving funds with an intention to cut down income tax, .

Though most corporate entities showered the women with multiple benefits and discount offers on the Women's Day. But that should not lead to a one day act. Women must take charge of their finances. .

As we are closer to the current financial year, you may be considering a higher contribution towards voluntary provident fund. But do hold that thought for a moment. .

If you are a millennial and wondering what you should be doing with your money so that you can remain ahead of others, .

You should stick your asset allocation and keep investing as per your financial goals. While you work hard to earn to fund your financial goals. Do not forget to buy adequate amount of life insurance. In case of eventuality, the life insurance proceeds will ensure that the family's financial goals are not compromised due to breadwinner's absence. .